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300 Million people globally use some sort of ad blocking. Upto 30% of your website visitors are using Ad Blocking extensions.

Setup AdzTools on your website to begin measuring and monetizing this audience, in less than 5 minutes.

How It Works

Pick from IAB ad options and manage a simple ad keywords.
Users see relevant display video ads advertising for the highest bidders.
You earn high revenues based on a traditional online video advertising CPM model.

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AdzTools is one of the world's leading Ads publishing, We care for our clients' business as our own, they know we're in this together.

What We Do

we are dedicated to make our publishers and advertisers the champions in digital world by expanding brand reach and creating the utmost synergy between the two.
We are here to make sure you get excellent results with all our smart advertising solutions!

Get your ads seen by the right users. Triggered by real user engagement, our advanced units yield more than 90% ad viewability rates. This means more conversions and higher traffic quality. Click here to download our full creative specs list.

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We blend the strategic with creative

When someone asks what we do at AdzTools , it's tempting to point out our four-decade track record for helping to transform the world's great companies into sharper, smarter, better versions of themselves.

Case Study

Android ‘Friends Furever’ becomes most shared viral ever

Android ‘Friends Furever’ becomes most shared viral ever

In February 2015, Google’s Android ramped up the cuteness overload for its follow up ad to ‘Be Together, Not The Same’.

20m YouTube views
 Coke removes labels from cans in Ramadan campaign

Coke removes labels from cans in Ramadan campaign

Coca-Cola cans in the Middle East were stripped of their labels during Ramadan, as part of a campaign to 'combat prejudice'.

18m YouTube views
Game of Thrones

Game of Thrones

The technology that powers retail is evolving rapidly. Retailers and their IT groups will have to rise to stay ahead.

15m YouTube views



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